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Important Videos – Available

Effective methods to write a manuscript and thesis

  1. Skimming and scanning – A Quick Critical Review of a Research paper
  2. A simple and effective way to interpret results in a research paper

Referencing, rephrasing, and removal of plagiarism

  1. How to use Mendeley Desktop software for referencing?
  2. How to avoid Plagiarism, some basic guidelines, policies about plagiarism
  3. How to reduce Plagiarism from high similarity index from papers and theses?

Image Processing and Analysis related techniques

  1. Understanding basic image acquisition steps, and computing hand-crafted features from image
  2. Why morphological image processing operations are important in Image Analysis – Part A
  3. Understanding basic morphological operations performed for image enhancement -Part B
  4. How morphological features enhance the further analysis in an image processing?
  5. Why conversion from time to frequency domain? Why time-frequency representation methods? How the wavelet transform is better than STFT?

Videos on below topics are coming soon, stay visiting our channel……

  • How to publish Quality Research papers in high impact factor journals
  • What important factors are to be considered in order to publish your paper in high impact factor Journal
  • How to choose an appropriate Journal for your manuscript
  • How to handle galley Proof of your manuscript?
  • How to prepare point by point response to the reviewers comments?
  • Good Habits to maximize the research outcomes
  • Better graphical and simulation plans to enrich your research article
  • How the Captions of the Figures and Table matters in your article?
  • Data interpretations from your manuscript really matters?
  • What bring attentions to the readers to read your article?
  • Good Readability of your manuscript – an eye catch to the Editor of the Journals to give it further preference for review
  • The resolution of the images used in your manuscript -matter a lot to raise chance of its acceptance
  • Don’t give up, if the manuscript is rejected by many of the Journals, revise it according to the advice of the Editor or reviewers to maximize its chance to accept in other relevant Journal
  • Always follow 7 Cs in your whole manuscript from title to references
  • The main outcomes/ highlights also matters for your manuscript chance towards acceptance
  • The color scheme of Figures really matter for better presentation and journals demands
  • The structure and organization of your manuscript really matter towards acceptance
  • Summarize the findings of your manuscript
  • How your article ranked on the Publone  of worldly renowned Web of Sciences (WoS) Database
  • How to organize your time in order to maximize the outcome of your publications i.e. more than 10/ year
  • How to complete your PhD in less time
  • How to choose topic for your PhD work
  • What factors to consider in order in identifying a suitable Journal? and which is more appropriate journal for your manuscript
  • What important factors to considers in order to provide a comprehensive review of any high impact factor journal paper?